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About Ed

Ed Lemon, Jr. was struck by what he calls "rock n' roll lightening" when he was fifteen years old in his home town of Barnwell, SC while watching one of his favorite bands at the time.  "In that instant, I knew what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life," he said.  "I was supposed to be a musician.  I was supposed to write songs, and perform them for people, so they could leave this tough world behind for a little while...and enjoy themselves."  

Ed has been a professional musician for just over ten years now.  He has come a long way on his journey and has played in rock n' roll bands and country bands alike, during which time he shared the stage and toured with many very successful acts such as Band of Horses, Son Volt, Dierks Bentley, Josh Thompson, Gretchen Wilson, and Jason Boland just to name a few.  Now he's adding a touch of Soul to his music and he's armed with a very formidable band of his own...and he is ready to come entertain you.

Ed Lemon, Jr. & the Get Rights play a great assortment of rock n' roll and funky soul (covers and originals) that is sure to get the audience dancing and enjoying themselves at whatever event or venue they play.  So come on out and support the band and Get Right!  You won't regret it.


To book the band, just click here, and shoot an email to Play Mode LLC.  They will get back to you very quickly. 





If rock ‘n’ roll is a balancing act between artful stabs at originality and stealing from the best, Ed Lemon, Jr. is a gold-star champ. When he isn’t borrowing liberally from the Stones (“Wisteria King” is the most unapologetic “Brown Sugar” knock-off since The Dandy Warhols’ “Bohemian Like You”), he indulges in woolly garage-rock stompers and tender acoustic ballads with equal tenacity. In any event, his voice is all his own, and sometimes that’s enough. — Michael Spawn, Freetimes

Lemon and his getting-right crew embellish classic rock riffs with a brash strut.  This band doesn't lack confidence. -Otis Taylor, The State

Ed Lemon and the Get Rights certainly display a diverse array of influences — the songs contained within the band’s debut, The Devil’s Beatin’ His Wife, produce sonic suggestions to Creedence Clearwater Revivial, the Stones’ raunchier moments, early ‘90s alt-pop bliss a la Toad the Wet Sprocket (as on the majestic “Song on Bed), The Bends-era Radiohead and even a bit of Tom Waits. But Lemon and his band of merry melody makers might best be compared to local bar-rockers extraordinaire Josh Roberts and the Hinges; while Lemon doesn’t yet possess Roberts’ gift of gab, he dwells in similar character-song territory, be it on the impressively catchy “Skinny Bones” or the bleakly humorous “Blood Brothers.” But Lemon shows a great deal of striking wit and a remarkable affinity for bluesy stomps (most especially on the Josh-Roberts-cum-Modest Mouse stompfest “12 Eyes”) on his band’s eminently impressive debut. -Patrick Wall, Freetimes

Blue collar rock 'n' roll got a new local champion this year with this Columbia band's disc, The Devil's Beatin' His Wife.  Lemon's growling baritone recalls obscure working-class musical heroes such as Joe Grushecky, while his songs take the rootsy edges off classic CCR and "Dead Flowers" -era Rolling Stones but still retain the melodic heart and soul.  The rollicking result is music that's music that's contemporary yet retro, ragged but somehow right, and more than worthy of downing a few post-holiday beers to. - K. Oliver, Freetimes

GETTING IT RIGHT:  Ed Lemon spins tales using loquacious wit, walking the line between serious and downright outrageous. -Otis Taylor, The State 

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